Audio Services

Voice-over casting is our number one service. From every day announcers to hard-to-find specialty voices, children, Foreign Language, or any other category, we work tirelessly to cast the perfect voice for your project.

Voice-over recordings are only as good as the gear you use to make them. Our team of audio experts uses top quality industry standard audio equipment to make sure your project sounds great.

It is all about the perfect blend. We are respected by ad agencies and production houses worldwide to deliver pure, clean broadcast quality audio for any medium.

No matter if your audio production requires a just touch of ambience or a ton of major impact, our sound design services will turn your audio project into a sonic landscape. Choose from our infinite library of sound effects, or let our creative geniuses handcraft custom effects to make your project unique.

Not all voice-overs are mixed the same. TV and Radio require a certain mix. Commercials must be specially mixed for global streaming. For more than a decade we have produced commercials for streaming platforms Pandora, Spotify and YouTube. The worlds biggest radio stations trust us, and so can you.

Our production music library is deep and wide. Ten of thousands of production music choices in every genre kept crisp and fresh with the latest styles. We will help you choose the perfect music for your project from our vast selection and custom edit for a perfect fit.

Need a music track that sounds like a walking elephant? Better specify Asian or African elephant. Our composers are that good. We create custom music for original thinkers like you.

We are connected. Listen in as your voice talent records from anywhere on the planet via broadcast quality ISDN, Source Connect, Phone Patch and more.

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